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How to Prepare Cod and a Tapenade

Summer times bring out the best out people.It is at this period that you will see people coming up with different delicacies.It is also associated with happy times because of the weather.People may choose to have spicy foods like the Jamaican chicken accompanied with peas and rice. Ice creams are preferred by many people as they enjoy their walk on the shore. Most people will testify that fresh sea food is the best during the summer time. It is easy to find what you need from many places in your area.

Many people know that fish is rich in omega 3 and it is beneficial to the body. Fish can be eaten with many other foods.For example, you can serve it with a salad, vegetables that is covered in the olive oil or the British classics which people eat in around the year. In most areas, you will find people enjoy this meal with chips. The food will also be important as the summer holiday continues. It is simple to find everything that you require from your neighboring seafood market.Some people will go the extra mile with different fish while some people are used to the regular ones. If you want the best one, you should think of having the cod. It does not have the fishy taste that discourages many people from eating fish.If you have kids, you should prepare them this kind for it is tasty, flaky and light.

Here are some of the Ingredients for your cod and tapenade. Be ready to get one fresh cod fillet and make sure it is skinned as well as boned. For the perfect taste, ensure you get one tablespoon of either extra virgin olive oil on the normal one. 1/4 tablespoons will be enough for your sea salt. 1/4 a teaspoon of your black pepper. One medium lemon will be okay. Make sure you have 3 cups of the rocket lettuces, but you should ask for the arugula for it means the same. 3 cups of the rocket lettuce should be sufficient. You should also have 1/2 cup of green or black olives but if you want something sweet, just use the green one. Make sure you have 2 tablespoons of your capers. For the garlic clove, ensure you have 1 that is roughly chopped.

Here is how you should prepare it.Preheat your oven up to 400F. You should use place the main dish on your stove resistant dish and be ready to put flavor it with salt, pepper, and your lemon sap.Put your fish into the oven for about 8-10 minutes. Here, combine the arugula, olives, garlic together with the capers in your blender and ensure the touch is smooth. After this, take the mixture and spread it onto the cod before the fish is fully cooked and allow it to warm, you can now enjoy the meal.

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