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Importance Of Roofing Material

Roofs of houses are normally referred to as roofing material. Building roofs are usually covered in roofing material to prevent elements such as wind, rain, and dust from entering the building. Most commonly used roofing material nowadays is the roof shingles which are overlapping elements. The roof shingles can be made from various materials like fiber cement, metal, plastic or wood. Ceramic roof tiles are also common in various parts of the world. Roof shingles play a major role in the aesthetic aspect of the building. Installation of the shingles start from the bottom to the top and some of the shingles require a solid sheeting on the roof deck while others are installed on the lath.

Roof shingles are made from the locally available material. Asphalt shingles are commonly used in the united states of America and have a span of between twenty to fifty years. Wood shingles come in two types depending on how they are prepared. Wood shingles are sawn whereas wood shakes are split. Stone shingles also called slate tiles are relatively expensive to install but have a lifespan of eighty to one hundred years depending on the quality of stone used and the maintenance given after installation. Due to their fire resistant nature, metal shingles are used as they are fire resistant. When looking for low cost shingles, one can opt for plastic shingles which are low cost but the downside is, they are highly combustible. One very good example of fibre cement roof shingles is the asbestos which people were highly discouraged from using because the material caused health complications in people.

Various factors come to play when one is choosing their roof shingles. Temperature of the area you live in will determine the color and material lightly colored shingles reflect heat and therefore play an important role in keeping the house cool when its located in warm climate whereas darker shingles absorb heat to keep houses located in cold areas warm. Ensure that the color of the roof and the house coordinate well. although contrast between the two may produce an artistic effect, be keen so as not to make the house stand out too much especially if the colors do not work well together.

Although standing out may be a good thing, a house looks better when it blends in with the other houses and this can be achieved if the colors you choose are close to or similar to other houses in the neighborhood. Various architectural styles require various roofing styles and colors, do your research on the kind of house you want to build and the type of roof used in that particular style of housing. Putting all the other factors into consideration, explore the variety of roofing material available that will suit your needs.

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