Restoration for Structural Integrity and Safety

Concrete is durable and strong, but it is also porous. Over time, depending on the conditions, concrete can weaken, begin to crumble or start to crack. This is a real hazard in large buildings, parking garages, balconies and plazas, and bridges. Specialized companies utilize advanced technologies and products to restore strength and safety of concrete.

Causes of Deterioration

Buildings and other structures on a coast are affected by the salt and chlorides from sea spray. The excessive moisture will also expedite deterioration. Corrosive agents, such as oil, decomposing roadkill, and any substances that spill due to accidents, will wreak havoc on bridges and roads.

Water and thermal changes will affect foundations, power plants, and dams. Parking garage top levels, parking lots, and other surfaces used for equipment and vehicles are subject to deicing salts, sand, and freezing and thawing cycles that cause deterioration.

Historical buildings will fall into disrepair over time as well. Technical and engineering professionals are needed to devise customized solutions for each project. An experienced company will be able to provide a certification of structural integrity and safety once the project is completed.

Versatile Epoxy

Epoxy is a common material used to restore concrete. Injections are perfect for filling in cracks and reducing uneven pressure on walls, columns, and balustrades. A stronger type of epoxy is ideal for joint replacements and concrete expansions. The correct equipment and techniques have to coincide with the specific application and type of epoxy for maximum results.

Several epoxy top coatings can restore and re-seal parking decks and plaza levels. Making those surfaces waterproof once again will protect the surface and prolong the life of the original concrete. Having a coating applied is much more cost-effective than re-surfacing the area, or replacing the existing concrete altogether.

Additional Services Offered

In addition to creating solutions for restoring concrete, engineers are also available for pre-construction consultations, inspections, and design input for developers and investors. Reinforcing a structure and protecting it from the very beginning will save time and expense in the future. Bracing, expanding weight capacity of existing foundations, and restoration of other materials are also among services offered.