Potential Weight Loss Benefits of Requesting a Report From Pathway Genomics Corporation

Everybody is different, which means that some people respond better to certain dietary changes than others. It can be hard to determine which diet would be best for weight loss. Getting a report from Pathway Genomics Corporation, such as the PathwayFit or the Healthy Weight DNA Insight report, may make it easier to figure out which changes would have the most weight loss benefits.

What’s Involved

The patient and the doctor both need to sign the requisition form for the DNA testing and return the forms along with the DNA sample to Pathway. Pathway will test for approximately 75 DNA markers related to diet and weight loss and then prepare a report, which the doctor will go over with the patient once it arrives.

Potential Diet Benefits

Some people are more prone to being deficient in certain vitamins, including some of the B vitamins, or more likely to adversely respond to others, such as saturated fat. Knowing about these genetic propensities makes it so people can change their diet to limit any potential risks. This will help them stay healthier.

Potential Exercise Benefits

The report will also note whether the patient has any markers associated with exercise performance. This will help verify which types of exercise are most effective or will get the most results for the patient.

Potential Weight Loss Benefits

Those looking to lose weight will be happy to know that the report will tell them which of the more popular types of diets their body is most likely to respond to, potentially making it easier to lose weight. It will also note what the body’s expected response to exercise will be, meaning whether exercise is likely to have a large effect on weight loss.

Useful Health Information

This type of DNA report includes information on whether a person is more prone to certain health issues, such as high triglycerides, high LDL cholesterol, low HDL cholesterol, and high blood sugar, as well as whether exercise is likely to make a big difference in the risk for these problems given a person’s DNA. Having this information can make a person more motivated to exercise and make the necessary lifestyle changes to stay healthy.