The Demand for Scar Removal Today

Most people have at least one or two scars. Some have had them since childhood, others acquired them at adolescence, or they are the result of an injury or accident. In a culture that prizes perfection and is obsessed with appearances, the demand for scar removal is high.

Medical Procedures

Scars can be removed surgically. Skin grafts and excisions can be done. Those whose scars originated from a surgical procedure may want to seek alternatives. Most insurance policies will not cover scar removal surgery because it is cosmetic.

Laser scar treatments are minimally invasive but may take several sessions. That can get expensive quickly. Steroid injections are yet another medical procedure available. This is primarily used to flatten scars that are raised and painful. There are side effects that accompany steroid use, so be sure to research this carefully.

Over-the-Counter Methods

The high demand encourages every health and beauty company to develop a cream, supplement, or serum to place a product on store shelves. Over-the-counter (OTC) products specifically marketed for scar removal have only been available for the last decade or two. Claims, as with most OTC products, are often exaggerated or misleading.

Many are a waste of money, some will dry out the skin creating other problems, and some will actually begin to diminish the appearance of scars. It is highly unlikely a top 10 best scar removal cream will be found in the health and beauty aisle.

Which ones will work and which will not is basically a gamble. People who are self-conscious or embarrassed about their scars will often try many brands before finding one they like. OTC products tend to be the most cost-effective option.

Read labels and use care when deciding which one to try. It should have at least one moisturizer in the ingredients to prevent drying. Those using any type of scar removal product will have to increase sun protection. Consult with a doctor before using any topical solutions on scars.


Options developed through research and clinical testing are typically only sold on official websites. The cost may be higher than some creams available in stores but are usually more effective than regular creams. When OTC products fail to provide satisfactory results, look online.