Three Qualities To Look For When Shopping For A Mattress That Combats Back Pain

Back pain is often debilitating, and a lack of sleep not only perpetuates the discomfort but may lead to chronic trouble and further issues. One of the best ways to combat the pain associated with back-related injuries is to use a mattress that provides the proper amount of support. With all the choices available, it is often overwhelming to determine which ones will offer the best nights sleep and reduce the discomfort a person feels as a result of an injury.

Firmness Level

In some instances, the most prominent contributor to back pain is a mattress that does not provide an adequate level of firmness. Firm beds are often too hard and push on the bones and nerves in the back, whereas softer mattresses often lack the necessary support to compensate for any muscles or nerves that may be damaged. A mattress classified as medium firmness will provide the perfect combination of comfort and support, cradling a sleeper in comfort.

Support is Key

Another consideration is the type of support that the mattress offers. One of the fastest growing options is the use of memory foam, which provides support by hugging the body and ensures that every area of the back receives relief during sleep. Individuals that are accustomed to sleeping on a more firm bed may experience minor sleep disruption as they adjust to sleeping on a memory foam model.

Mattress Fabric

Mattress manufacturers are making advancements by changing up the type of fabric used to cover the exterior of the mattress core. The use of material that transforms body heat into infrared energy may serve to reduce back pain by keeping the muscles warm during sleep. In addition to reducing pain for the long term, they also reduce the occurrence of the stiffness and discomfort that many individuals feel after being sedentary.

The right mattress has a considerable impact on a person’s overall sleep quality and may help reduce back pain. To get more details on the types of beds available be sure to check out consumer reporting sites. With a little research, it is possible to get a great nights sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.